We have been transporting and forwarding since 2005. We are specialized in the fast transportation of loads with the maximum load capacity of 1,5 tons in the whole Europe.

Our offer includes both international and domestic forwarding – borders of regions and countries are not a problem for us – we provide the comprehensive logistics services in the whole Europe.

Our fleet consists of 42 new fully equipped vehicles, which together with other delivery vehicles we use every day to travel thousands of kilometers throughout Poland and EU in order to transport the goods safely and on time both.

Our specially equipped vehicles meet the ultimate standards of safety, thus we are allowed to offer you transport of dangerous services in accordance with the ADR convention.  

We have always relied on the ultimate standards of safety, the quality of transport services and highly qualified drivers which resulted in the trust among the customers and strong position in transport and forwarding industry.

We offer quick and professional service and timely deliveries of your loads.

Our highly qualified forwarders will provide you with a kind, efficient and professional service and the reliable flow of information. We can’t wait to work with you!